Details from the workshop: electroplating the gold finish on the Anya Hindmarch Crisp Packet clutch.   

Love this bag
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Details from the workshop: electroplating the gold finish on the Anya Hindmarch Crisp Packet clutch.   

Love this bag

Accessory lover
Aug 18, 2014

Accessory lover

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I love the feeling of a good music festival and of course I love a festive look as well. But when it’s time for me to choose the outfit I find myself confused and a little bit scared not to fall in the same boho mistake, the most common of the mistakes. 

So this year I decided to be more cool with this outfit thing and I decided to be a sheinsidefashion girl and wear total sheinsidefashion looks matched with my favorite rintintingr bracelet, so simple and so elegant at the same time. The first day I preferred a white top with fallen shoulders, with a denim shorts and the second one a maxi navy blue dress. From the two roads I chose the less traveled (this time).  

Photo Credits: Sotiria Koutsopoulou

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I couldn’t wait to see the first men’s collection by Jonathan Anderson for Loewe and of course he didn’t disappoint me like he never does. The creation of a man’s story was the best thing Loewe offered this Summer to a man’s life. Where else than Spain, Loewe’s homeland, in a beautiful scenery on Cadiz, Jamie Hawkesworth captured all these marvelous creations made by even more excellent fabrics and patterns. 

My favorite part of this collection are the outerwear. I can’t imagine any man look something less than stylish in those great leather jackets or in those long coats. Of course I couldn’t leave you without mentioning the accessories of a traveller as I would like to call them. They remind me of an old school movie that we still watch nostalgic and cry at the end with all the adventures of the actor. I know it’s just in my imagination but I only try to make you see it in the same way as I do. The only thing I hope to see during Summer is a man on a beach with one of those striped shirts or with one long scarf maybe used as a beach towel or even with one pair of espadrilles and I am sure I will instantly fall in love with him.

What do you prefer? The eternal combat between those two trends seem to have lots of fun for every stylish girl in the planet. I’m not really sure what I do prefer. Since I haven’t decided yet I will enjoy both!
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What do you prefer? The eternal combat between those two trends seem to have lots of fun for every stylish girl in the planet. I’m not really sure what I do prefer. Since I haven’t decided yet I will enjoy both!

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The last year more or less, we’ve been seeing everywhere this tacky trend of Birkenstock ugly shoes. Usually I have no prejudice in front of an edgy trend that take me out of my comfort zone, but this time Birkenstock shoes is something I can’t get over it. 

I have seen many girls looking their best on one pair of those sandals, even worn with socks (like a German tourist on a Greek island), but the thing is that I can’t get along with a trend that began its career in fashion as an ugly shoe trend. And it’s not something that I came up with. Vogue was the first that made the “Ugly Shoe” editorial, with models being photographed only with those shoes and it continued mention them as "The Ugly Shoes" on many other articles especially for those sandals. 

Anyway, for this post I chose some of my favorite outfits worn with those shoes that I really haven’t tried and I think I won’t fall for them in any way. I truly believe that those shoes have finally found their place in fashion world and I am so happy that fashion world has broadened its horizons. 

Aug 6, 2014
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Alexander Wang does his prison time with his favorite girls. It’s not an orange suit, but let me say Alexander Wang is the new black. Puffy sweaters, eccentric books and perfect worker pockets, as I like to call them, complete a so stylish life in prison that leave us expecting those perfect tool bags. 

Aug 1, 2014


This is one of my favorites ad campaign and you will understand why by reading the following post. 

By seeing those pictures I feel the breeze of the autumn wind on my hair, I live in a slightly different era, but my clothes are still so stylish and years in front of my age, and I am so classy on those pieces of contemporary art. This is the whole scene of my dream when I watch this particular ad campaign. 

I won’t lie, I wasn’t a big of a fun of Emporio Armani until now. I imagine myself on one of those and I find myself in front of the Emporio Armani boutique.

Please don’t let me wake up of this dream…

Photography: Boo George

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Another Week on Links à la Mode


Far & Away

August is tomorrow. For many across the globe, it’s the month where you take a vacation. The last days of summer before school starts. The hottest and most miserable time in the city. The coolest and most fun time at the lake. Or best time to travel. Whether you are going far, of staying in town, you’ll want to do so in style. This week’s roundup has just everything you need, from travel tips to Berlin or Istanbul, and how to pack. The hottest half-trend of the summer, whether it be a half top know or a crop top. It’s all here.

Links à la Mode: July 31st

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Jul 29, 2014

Exeis ena lastixaki?

Maybe the title confuses you a bit and it’s natural since it is in greek! Let me explain it for you. Have you ever been in this totally awkward moment that you are so much annoyed by your hair being all over your face and you just want a hair band? I am sure you have been and of course it was a rhetorical question and that’s where the awkward moment comes when you ask from a friend or not “do you have a hair band?” And that’s exactly the meaning of the title.

But every girl knows she doesn’t want to share her hair bands because the one who borrows it never returns it. So I decided to make this campaign of these totally cute hair bands named “exeis ena lastixaki”. And I mean it no girl will hesitate buying one of those since they are hair accessories and bracelets too and also you can find them in every possible pattern you can imagine. I tried them and I loved them. Give them a chance and you won’t regret it!

Jul 29, 2014

Animal Print: Love or Hate?

  • This is my eternal question. I've always liked the animal prints but I wasn't sure if people that I am surrounded think the same way as me. Especially the men. So what do you think? Yay or nay?
Jul 29, 2014


Sasha Privovarova, the famous Russian model, goes on a girly roadtrip for Chloé, who wouldn’t actually. Crazy beautiful furs on a sunny autumn day and a convertible is the perfect combination, if you want to make a total Chloé ad campaign.

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Sunday wisdom

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I watched in the social media every kind of post, with those pictures of the perfect ’90s icons and I was sure it was a #tbt kind of situation. But I was totally wrong about it, since Anna dello Russo posted it I was sure it was a new editorial, that I should have in my hands immediately. But I wasn’t lucky enough because we are having in front of our eyes the September issue of Vogue Japan

First of all I would really like to congratulate Anna dello Russo for her great, great work on this issue and I would also like to mention the effort that she probably made to bring together all these icons in one of the most beautiful editorials of all the years.

It’s not only about the models, but it’s also about the vibes, the patterns and the awe. Yes, the awe, that’s provoked when you look those perfectly posing women so strong, so feminine, so just perfect. Even if we are in one totally new model generation, full of really talented and beautiful models like caradelevignefans joansmallsofficial karliekloss, that era of modeling was the first one that made a brand of their names. 

But enough with the history part, let’s talk fashion. The layers give a edgy attitude to this photo shoot, the leather, the colors and the knitwear make the total sexy and androgynous at the same time look that we needed to see from the rock stars of modeling.